Sign-up for stands at Metrocon 2018 is not yet open.

Questions about stands at Metrocon should send an email to
how many of you are on the stand so that we can print up enough entry badges.
A Stand badge will be your admission ticket for both days , it includes 2 day tickets.
Enter the number of tables for your stand. The tables are 140cm in length x 45cm in width x 72cm height.
It is also possible to put these tables together if there is someone who wants to have a larger table.

We want the names for the stands as we have a contest for the best stand!
We have no private space for storage of products, so everything must either be stored on the stand or outside the premises.
It is not allowed to sell fresh food, store wrapped food is ok(candies, chocolates etc).
The payment for the condition occurs one month before the event.


Best regards