If you’re cosplaying a character from an anime, video game, TV show and whether your costume is home-made or bought, this is something you don’t want to miss!
The contest consists of 2 rounds; the first round you go up onto the stage and show off your costume, strike a few poses and be in character if you can. If, and when you make it to the second round you’ll have a maximum of five minutes to a scene or perform in character. A microphone will be provided and you’re allowed to bring your own music file* to play when you’re performing.
The contest is for everyone; whether you are new to the cosplay community or you’ve been making your own costume for years, this contest is for you. You can win fantastic prizes in several categories, and it’s always nice to show off how cool you are!
*Please note that your music file(s) *MUST* be brought on a flash drive (USB/Memory stick). Other sources, e.g YouTube, Smartphones and such will NOT be provided.


Got your own design or Original Character? If you have an outfit that’s just pretty amazing and want to show it off to everyone, then this contest is your thing! In this competition there is only one round; when your name is called walk onto the stage and really show off your style and personality of the costume or character that you have in mind.
There will be no performance or admission for brought music, video or images.
The sign-up will be AT THE CON, if you wish to attend you can sign up there. Prizes will be awarded at the ending show!

Super smash bros tournament

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