Here’s a collection of your frequently asked questions, complete with answers!
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Q: What is Metrocon?

A: About us

Q: When is Metrocon?

A: The convention will take place the 19th to the 20th of September.

Q: Where is Metrocon?

A: We’re located at Stavanger Forum.

Q: Is this convention English-friendly?

A: Certainty! The Opening Show and Cosplay Contest will  both be presented in English, and quite a few of our visitors actually prefer speaking in English. Most Norwegians have no problems speaking in English, and will be more than happy to test their skills with you, should you happen to bump into someone.

We’ll also be labelling which events will be in English on our program; both online and during the event.

Q: How can I buy tickets?

A: Metrocon tickets

Q: Can I refund my ticket?

A: Unfortunately not, we at Stavangercons do not manage this, as everything goes through’s system. We recommend to read the terms carefully before buying, and if possible to make direct contact with them via their contact page.

Cosplay competition

Q: How do I register for cosplay contest?

A: You can register yourself  at “Registration” on our menu.

Q: I can not upload a desired image. What gives?

A: The image must be in JEPG or PNG format and less than 5 Mb.

Q: Can we register us as a group?

A: No. Sign up separately. However, you may specify who in the description you’d like to partner with during the group part of the show.

Q: What is the group part of the show?

A: If you have specified a group you’d like to pose with, and once everyone in your group have posed separately, we’ll call you up once more onto the stage for a group shot. We’ll carefully explain and demonstrate how you go about doing this at the event.

Q: How much should I fill in the description?

A: A few paragraphs about how the costume was made and why you chose this particular character. Maximum half A4 page.

Props / Weapons

Q: May I bring replica, blank and other hard weapon to the event?

A: Due to security procedures and good cooperation with the police, we have been told to keep this to a minimum, therefore none of these are allowed inside with us. If you have a fantasy weapon you’d like to have checked beforehand, send an email directly to our security chief, Simen Knutsen for information:

All weapons and props will be checked before entry, and weapons we judge to be dangerous will be confiscated until the convention is over, or you decide to leave. Please ask the Info Desk to have your weapon returned at the end of the day.

Q: I’d like to have my weapon checked regardless! How do I do this?

A: Send an email with a picture and information about your props to our security chief for his review:


Q: My costume is big / clumsy / difficult to see in / etc. and I need help getting up, around the stage and down. Do you have someone who can help?

A: We take our cosplayers security very high when considering the stage dimensions and height and provide assistants where it may be necessary. Just contact us during the information meeting before the competition and we shall to the best of our ability help to make your time on stage enjoyable and without accidents.

Q: We need medical assistance! Who are we looking for?

A: Our Info Desk is also our Medic Desk. For accidents or occurrences outside this area, please call for our guardsmen, who are trained in first aid, for assistance. The guardsmen will be marked with a red band around their arm. For medical emergencies, please dial 113, the Norwegian number for medical emergencies.

Rules of Consent

Q: Can I take photos of the cosplayers or guests?

A: photos of cosplayers or guests in a group is allowed, but taking a photo of a specific person requires you to ask for their permission first.

Q:When is it okey to take a photo:

– After you have asked and the cosplayer(s) have given permission.
– If the cosplayer/guest(s) is already in a pose, look around and ask both photographers and model(s) if you can take one too.

When is it NOT okey to take a photo:
– While the cosplayer(s) is eating.
– If they are not 100% wearing their costume/attire.
– If they seem rushed.
– If they seem rather uncomfy about it and hasn’t given permission.

Please follow the guidelines for both you as a photographer and the cosplayers to enjoy the convention.

Q: I want to touch a cosplayers costume!!

A: Please do not touch cosplayers without a clear yes or no answer. But also remember if you are allowed to touch, be really careful.
Many cosplayers puts a lot of hard work into these crafts, but sometimes they are not sturdy enough for the human thouch.

Q: Glomping?!

A: Absolutely not without a clear yes or no from the person.
Glomping has caused injuries and we want our convention to be a safe place for our cosplayers and attendees.

Q: Free-hug?!

A: If you are only invited to give/recieve.
This can clearly be seen if the person is opening their arms.

And remember…

1. Remember to drink plenty of water.
2. Remember to eat.
3. Remember to shower.